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About Us

Buy Inground Pool Liners Online Direct from the Manufacturer

PLFO is the only online consumer direct manufacturer of inground pool liners. We have everything you need to replace your old tired liner. From our expert support staff to duct tape and faceplates, we are confident your purchase will be smooth and easy.

Backed by one of the best warranties in the industry, our liners are made to last. The vinyl we use is fortified with antimicrobial/antifungal additives and finished with a clear-coat to protect your liner. Our liners are designed to fit with a minimal burden of stretch which makes them last longer.

We are strong proponents of using a thicker wall with a thinner floor. This configuration allows the liner to stretch more uniformly instead of concentrating the stretch at the top portion of the wall. Although most of our patterns are available this way, many are also available with thicker wall and floor or, for the budget minded consumer, thinner wall and floor.

Pool Liner Factory Outlet sells consumer direct, cutting out multiple levels of “middle man.” In our research we’ve discovered there is no other manufacturer selling direct. The other online retailers buy their liners through distribution or from the manufacturer.

So what does this mean to you? Well, we are able to sell our liners for much less than any retailer while still being able to uphold our commitment to quality and customer service. Furthermore, we are not at the mercy of another manufacturer—we control production and are able to adjust production time to suit your needs.

Members of our staff have decades of experience building inground pools and installing vinyl liners. We are industry professionals and have taught courses on behalf of NESPA and APSP, two of the leading pool and spa associations. We are eager to please and capable of doing so.